Not Awarded Notice
  • Supply of Earthmoving Equipment for Firefighting - Registration of Interest

  • Expression of Interest
  • Not Awarded
  • PWSFM001
  • 22/12/2004
  • Friday 24/09/2004, at: 03:00 PM

  • Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts
  • 22 Elizabeth Street
  • Hobart Tasmania 7000
  • Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories
The Department of Parks, Heritage and the Arts is seeking to register Contractors interested in supplying earthmoving equipment (bulldozers, excavators, graders) for use in Parks and Wildlife Service firefighting operations in all parts of Tasmania.  The terms of supply of the equipment will be specified in a Contract of Service between the Department and the Contractor.  The submission of a registration of interest by a contractor is the first step in this process and will not commit either the Department or the contractor to acceptance of a contract.

  • N/A

  • 06/09/2004

  • Tony Blanks Parks & Wildlife Service GPO Box 1751 Hobart Tas 7001
  • Tony Blanks Phone: 03 62 336118 Mobile: 0417 551 308 Fax: 03 62 333972

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