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  • MAIB2009-01
  • 03/11/2009
  • Friday 30/10/2009, at: 05:00 PM

  • Motor Accidents Insurance Board
  • 1st Floor, 33 George Street
  • Launceston 7250 Tasmania 7000
  • Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
The Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB), as a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise, provides motor vehicle personal injury accident insurance to Tasmanian motorists and has certain administrative responsabilities under the Motor Accidents (Liabilities and Compensation) Act, 1973. The Motor Accidents Claims System (MACS) was implimented in October 1999 for administration of accident claims, claim payments and rehabilitation. MACS was developed using Unify (formerly Centura) Team Developer and based on an Oracle database. Following a recent review of MACS, the MAIB is now seeking information from software vendors, developers and other interested parties to assist MAIB in the preperation of a business case to convert MACS from the current Unify Team Developer environment to Microsoft .NET. The underlying Oracle database will be retained. MAIB is seeking information relating to methodology/techniques, timing, indicative pricing and risks.

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  • 28/09/2009
  • One off purchase: 30/09/2009

  • Jo-Anne Wilson
  • Level 1, 33 George Street, Launceston, TAS, 7250
  • Telephone: (03) 6336 4804
  • MAIB
  • Level 1
  • 33 George Street
  • Launceston
  • TAS 7250
  • Jo-Anne Wilson
  • Telephone: (03) 6336 4804

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