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  • DED 04_0293
  • 16/03/2005
  • Friday 25/02/2005, at: 04:00 PM

  • Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts
  • Level 1, 22 Elizabeth Street
  • Hobart Tasmania 7000
  • Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
The Department of Economic Development is undertaking the project, Regional Economic Development and Investment (REDI) plans, to develop a greater understanding of regional investment and infrastructure issues, intentions and constraints in order for the Tasmanian government to better determine economic and social infrastructure priorities in the future. Economic Development wishes to appoint a technical consultant to assist in the identification of suitable data sources for the development of Regional Economic Activity, Infrastructure and Resources web-based, updateable, interactive maps to be placed on the Economic Development website as part of the REDI plans project.   The successful consultant will be required to identify the relevant data sets for the targeted infrastructure information and develop specifications to transfer this data into one source to enable the visual presentation of the data in the Regional Economic Activity and Infrastructure Maps (maps) as the first stage of a two stage project.

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  • 12/02/2005
  • One off purchase: 31/03/2005

  • Lisa Taylor, Department of Economic Development, on 6233 5902
  • Level 4 Reception, 22 Elizabeth Street Hobart 7000
  • Lisa Taylor, Department of Economic Development, on 6233 5902

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