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  • Monday 04/12/2017, at: 02:00 PM

  • Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
  • 1 Franklin Wharf
  • Hobart Tasmania 7000
  • Environmental Services

The Project will develop and trial methods for rehabilitation of pencil pine stands, sphagnum peatlands and erodible soils in 2016 bushfire affected areas in Lake Mackenzie.  The rehabilitation methods developed will inform assessment of risks and responses to future fire impacts on fire sensitive alpine vegetation and soils in the TWWHA and will assist with mitigating future fire impacts on the Outstanding Universal Values of the TWWHA. 

The scope of work includes:

  1. Identify rehabilitation methods (the trials) for pencil pine stands, sphagnum peatland and erodible soils in the area of Lake Mackenzie (TWWHA) impacted by the 2016 bushfires; and design a scientifically robust test of those methods.
  2. Establish procedures for maintenance and monitoring and develop a project plan.
  3. Implement the rehabilitation trials.
  4. Monitor, collect and analyse data from the trial rehabilitation sites.
  5. Produce a final report and decision tool or guide. 

  • State-wide
  • 13/11/2017
  • From 22/12/2017 to 30/06/2020

Lodge a Tender electronically or deliver to:
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  • Department of Primary Industries, Parks,Water and Environment
  • Level 4, 134 Macquarie Street (Lands Building),
  • HOBART TAS 7000
  • Dr Alice Morris
  • Section Head (Policy)
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage Division
  • Late Tenders will not be accepted unless the Contact Officer is satisfied that:
  • (a) circumstances beyond the Tenderer’s control caused the lateness; and
  • (b) accepting a late Tender will not compromise the integrity of the tendering process or provide an unfair advantage to the Tenderer lodging the late Tender.

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