Anticipated Future Opportunity Notice
  • Electrical Safety Inspection Service – General Inspection

Department of Justice
Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services

The Electrical Safety Inspection Service – General Inspection contract forms part of the overall functions of the Electrical Safety Inspection Service. The Department is looking to outsource this service to a suitably qualified contractor with the capacity to inspect electrical work and, when appropriate, escalate appropriate action in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.


The Electrical Safety Inspection Service – General Inspection contract will provide for the inspection of electrical work and existing electrical installations in Tasmania, attendance to reports of shocks and fires, when instructed, in order to determine the cause and, when necessary, facilitate appropriate rectification or disconnection.


The RFT will be seeking:

  • electrical safety inspections
  • investigations for electrical safety including the gathering of evidence, writing of reports and attending court
  • an appropriate response to reports of substandard or failed electrical installations or equipment as requested
  • appropriate physical and human resources to support these activities

This procurement is a covered procurement and is likely to be subject to the provisions of one, or several of the Free Trade Agreements listed on

August 2019
March 2020
February 2027
  • Henry Hodgson
  • Ph: (03) 6166 4621
  • It is anticipated the end date for the initial contract will be 28 February 2025 however, it is expected that one 2-year negotiated renewal option will be included, potentially extending the end date of the contract to 28 February 2027.

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